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Inner Silence (Antar Mouna)

The ability to be resilient to situations and people around, and at the same time to lead a reasonably peaceful life is a ‘need’ today. This is equally true for the world within. Unless we have the courage to observe and release our thoughts, they tend to get suppressed and release exponentially at an inopportune time as powerful emotions. This is not only valid for those who wish to tread the path of spirituality but also those who are pursuing their corporate / business goals as well.

Is Inner Silence for me?

If you say YES to one or many of the below, then Inner Silence is a must practice for you…

  • I am easily disturbed by the happenings around

  • I would like to develop the attitude of witness

  • I wish to sharpen my sensory perceptions

  • I wish to develop the ability to listen to myself and others

  • I wish to deepen my meditation and other spiritual pursuits

Why Inner Silence?

The sustained practice of Inner Silence leads to Thought Management, which is a key to align as well as realize personal and professional goals. Thought Management is not only valid for those who wish to tread the path of spirituality but also those who aspire to live harmoniously with people and situations, in general! In modern terminology, it is a key to Work Life Balance.

How does it help?

Inner Silence is in many ways a perfect launch pad to a stable and meaningful life. Starting from external impetus, we gradually learn to manage the internal impetus i.e. our thoughts! Apart from helping us to meditate better and deeper, the practice and perfection of Inner Silence results in emotional stability, deepens our awareness resulting in refinement of our perceptions and assists us in graduating towards an enriching, meaningful as well as peaceful life.

What it does?

Inner Silence allows us an opportunity to take charge of our lives. In general, we tend to arrogate success to ourselves and ascribe failures to others, including situations, fate etc., As in any process that help us to unfold our potential, Inner Silence also allows us to progress step by step and gradually unravels the depth of our own self. When we learn this process, we gradually start to respond instead of reacting to situations, people and results. This helps us to develop a holistic perspective of life that is essential for a peaceful and prosperous living.

Where to learn?

Inner Silence must be learnt only from a source that has practiced. The result of practice is visible in the conduct of the source i.e. the teacher.

Inner Silence is generally learnt along with a systematic combination of Asana, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Kriya, Mudras, Mantra, and finally adapting to a right lifestyle. This is a great starting point for an atheist, theist and an agnostic because true spirituality is knowing oneself in the real sense. Unless we are comfortable knowing who we are, we can never know anything or anyone, leave alone God!

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