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  • Rooms are allocated at random and on first come first serve basis. 

  • Every room has an attached toilet bath with 24 X 7 hot water supply through solar power.

  • Inmates get to live in each room as rotation of stay after housekeeping is part of the policy.

  • Maintain silence as much as possible, inside the room.

  • UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) ensures optimum availability of lights & fans.

  • No access to TV, Newspaper or any entertainment during the stay.

  • Participants need to bring their own toiletries, detergent powder / soap.

  • Kindly follow the instructions given on disposal of napkins, tampons, tissue papers etc., accordingly



  • Authentic, ​wholesome, seasonal Indian vegetarian food made with home ground spices.

  • All 3 meals of the day are well balanced, guided by Ayurvedic diet principles.

  • Indian Chai, herbal tea & fruits are during the day.

  • Alcohol, non-vegetarian food and smoking are neither allowed nor served.

  • Mouna (silence) during meal-times is observed.

  • We accommodate vegans & gluten-free diets. Kindly do not bring any eatables, be it chocolates, biscuits, nuts, dry fruits etc.

  • The vegetables & fruits used in the Shrimath kitchen are procured directly from the Farmers' Market, our way of supporting the local produce & contributing to the rural economy​.

Phone & Internet

  • Unless emergency, usage of mobile phone for calls or texting should be kept at minimum.

  • At the same time, if it is a emergency or you need to plan your travel, we would be happy to help you.

  • In case of emergency, whoever wishes to contact you can call Shrimath +91 9739 020102

  • Internet time is available only for essential purposes like mails (as per agenda).

  • Daily usage of Social Media is strictly discouraged.

  • As we are in a rural setting, the internet may be patchy at times. So if you are a compulsive internet user then do think twice before enrolling to study at Shrimath.


Fellow Seeker

Structured around a unique and engaging dialogue between two characters, 'Speck' and 'Doubt', representing the inner discourse that perennially unfolds within each of us. 

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