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For Leaders, Teachers & Coaches

Since mid 2000's Krishna is working with top athletes, businesspersons, musicians, voice culture artists, coaches, Yoga teachers & leaders across globe to bring mindfulness in their life through ancient principles & scientifically validated processes.

On the eve of International Day of Yoga (2023), The Times of India & Economic Times published his blog From chaos to calm: Combatting stress and anxiety through yoga nidra ( thereby acknowledging the importance of the practice of Yoga Nidra in today's VUCA World.

Sleep, Diet & Exercise are important aspects of one's life that are generally overlooked due to paucity of time by those play responsible roles like Leadership, Coaching & Teaching.


An informed practice of Yoga Nidra facilitates a better understanding of one's mind-body system, goals, aspirations and more importantly addresses many pain points in professional and personal lives. 

Like Coaching, in Yoga Nidra the participant is empowered to take decisions on their own after understanding where they stand and what they need to do to get where they wish to get to.

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Robert Bridgeman

What an amazing place to practice genuine Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Sanatana Dharma philosophy. Krishna Prakash is walking wisdom. His knowledge and experience reaches deep into the ancient traditions. He is able to teach them in a modern fashion, understandable for all. 

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Srikanthan Kumarasamy

I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to enhance their sleep quality, self-awareness, and mental focus. The journey through Yoga Nidra has been truly transformative for me.


Linda Wlodowska

I understood how to operate between the invisible and the visible in our transactional life, which helped me to integrate it into a balanced body-mind-soul living


Level 1: 9 days - 6 days (1hr 15m) followed by 3 days (36 minutes), practice session.

Level 2: 27 days - 15 days (1hr 30m) followed by 12 days (54 minutes), practice session.

Level 3: 45 days (Level 1 - 27 days) followed by 18 days (90 minutes), principles + practice session.


Level 1: INR 5,499 (Indians) USD 99 (others)

Level 2: INR 12,699 (Indians) USD 234 (others)

Level 3: INR 27,999 (Indians) USD 459 (others)

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