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Coaching & Indic Wisdom

Integrating timeless Indic principles with contemporary coaching enhancing both achievement and fulfillment. Key teachings such as Active Listening (Shravana), the Art of Questioning (Pari-prashana), and maintaining Awareness (Sakshi) for deepening coaching conversations and relationships.


Embracing non-covetousness (Aparigraha) ensures adaptability. True compassion through Empathy (Karuna) fosters trust and self-discovery. The transition from Desire (Iccha) to Knowledge (Jnana) to Action (Kriya) facilitates real change, revolutionizing coaching practices.

Next batch (online): 7th July 2024 6 to 8pm IST




Coaching Beyond Professionals:

We don't need to be a Certified Coach to benefit from this powerful approach. Improvement in communication, with ourselves and others, help to navigate conflicts, and build stronger relationships through everyday interactions.

The Art of Listening:

We delve deeper than just hearing words. Create a safe space for deeper conversations & fostering trust. Discover Shravana.

The Power of Questions:

Just like a trusted compass, asking the right questions is key to unlocking the truth - not only ours but also our clients / peers / family. Discover Pari-prashana.

Presence Matters:

Everyone can be available but we should be able to maintain our presence in the crowd or be completely comfortable when no one is around.

Situational Awareness:

It is easy to be aware when the situations are under control but the reality is that situations & people are dynamic. Discover Sakshi.


Right from building immunity & resilience, it is important to be in a community that believes in the values: learning, growth & prosperity.

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