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Everyone who studies at Shrimath generally walks out with a blueprint for a peaceful & prosperous life.


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Shrimath's vision is to offer Yoga as a gateway to Vedanta as expounded by the Advaita tradition of Adi Sankaracharya & the Siddha lineages where 'Self-realization' is the ultimate goal of human birth.


Everyone who studies at Shrimath generally walks out with a blueprint for a peaceful & prosperous life. They also consciously & consistently align their life towards this ultimate goal.

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On the eve of International Day of Yoga (2023), The Times of India & Economic Times published Krishna's blog thereby acknowledging the importance of the practice of Yoga Nidra in today's VUCA World.

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The participants include Executive Director of an Investment Bank, CXO of an Accounting Major, lots of ICF Coaches, a pioneer on Co-working space in India, Architect with an IT major, a Furniture Manufacturer, Educators, Business Persons etc.


Integrating timeless Indic principles with contemporary coaching enhancing both achievement and fulfillment. Key teachings such as Active Listening (Shravana), the Art of Questioning (Pari-prashana), and maintaining Awareness (Sakshi) for deepening coaching conversations and relationships.



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Harriett Nettles


My most important insight was that we can only lead people to states that we have experienced ourselves. Simply reading the script for a session is not enough. One must have the awareness that comes from deep and honest experience. I cannot imagine a better setting for this learning. Surrounded by forest full of birds and a field where sheep and cows quietly grazed, I was able to sink into the peace and stillness in a way that I have never felt in my hectic American lifestyle. 
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Dr. Ashok Rijhwani

Bangalore, India

My meeting with Krishna was destiny, in my opinion. I felt a complete peace and calm, as he asked me to wait for a few minutes while he was taking class for someone else. He then patiently explained to me about the course and I signed up on the spot. The course covered all aspects of true values in life and work, with asanas and postures were one but an important part of it.
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