Shrimath is the first Yoga school to be approved by Yoga Alliance International to offer certification in Yoga Nidra. Seasoned Yoga teachers & Life Coaches study Yoga Nidra with us

Participants experience deeper relaxation, learn to manage stress and form resolves that enables desire manifestation. This course provides principles & techniques to live a full life without any regrets but with joy. 

...Yoga Nidra training at Shrimath Yoga outside of Bangalore, India and directed by Krishna. The setting was so appropriate for training in deep relaxation.


My most important insight was that we can only lead people to states that we have experienced ourselves. Lulled by songs of birds and the gentle sounds of an Indian village, ... found an inner landscape I had rarely known.


The other important insight was the nature of the Gurukul experience.

Harriett Nettles, USA

Duration & Course Dates (TBA)

Online: 27 days

Residential: 14 days


​Course Fee 

Online: INR 18,000 (Indians) USD 340 (others)

Residential: INR 42,000 (Ind.) USD 840 (others)

Kindly refer to FAQs for Exclusions

Certification Fee

Yoga Alliance International: INR 3000