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A glimpse

Working with Rural School

It is important to give-back to the society and children are the most important part of it. Sharing time, knowledge, games, poems etc., is part of the daily routine for Shrimath course & program participants. 

Working with Nature

This is a daily activity at Shrimath. Helps one to stay grounded & grateful. It helps to develop mindfulness & respect the food one eats by appreciating sacrifices made by every person in the supply chain.

Other Activities & Learning

Learning to cook Yogic meals & also Shrimath team is open to learn from participants also. Then drawing patterns in rice powder (Rangoli / Kolam / Mandala) brings about a deeper change, effects calmness & balance in oneself.


Tirtha Yatra i.e. pilgrimage to a place of spiritual importance is an integral part of every living tradition across the globe. At Shrimath, we travel to Tiruvannamalai, Sringeri, Varanasi, Tala Cauvery etc., to practice & internalize the course content.

Kriya Techniques

Yoga system includes cleansing techniques that work like housekeeping of one's mind & body. Some are to be done daily like Jala Neti & the rest at least once in 6 months like Laghu Sahankaprakshalana & Kunjal.


Shrimath takes pride in sharing knowledge with participants from 40+ Countries since 2011. For many of them Shrimath has become their 2nd home and an extended family. They also stay connected through our vast alumni network.

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