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Enlightened Living (ELiv)

ELiv is a special life transforming hands-on learning & implementation program. It is the culmination of 10 year research that started in April 2011 on 'life & living' using the time-tested principles, practices & processes from Veda, Tantra & Yoga traditions of India, as applicable today.

Since 2011, 100s of participants from 40+ Countries have undertaken this program in one form or the other at Shrimath.


Enlightened Living (ELiv) is also about how to harness lessons from the festivals we celebrate. During an introductory talk, there were 2 festivals & you too can utilize those lessons derived to further your journey towards Enlightened Living 



Many of us are content (rather pushed) to live a mechanical life by adding years to life instead of adding life to the years we live.


The program helps you to connect the dots in your life with the cosmic plan and your own latent potential waiting to be tapped.

At the end of this 6D 5N program, your personal blueprint for a successful, prosperous & peaceful life would gloriously unfold. 

What you learn?

This program contains self to Self Discovery module (3D 2N) then proceeds to address the following:

1) Understanding the debts that you are born with & how to discharge them

2) Decoding Mind as per Yoga-Vedanta 3) How to develop Mind mastery and emotional resilience

4) Deciphering the types of thoughts & how to identify obstacles, then overcome them

5) Esoteric aspects of life

6) Processes to stay fit at all the 5 levels


Is this Program for Me? 

All throughout we are driven to believe that experiencing creature comforts and unmitigated access to pleasures of life are the primary goals of life. 

There comes a time when we realize on self-enquiry that pursuit of these goals is akin to a mirage, as each time these goals appear real but when we close-in or achieve, we realize that something is missing.

If your thought process echoes the above then it is time to enroll for ELiv.



Course Fee 

Indians : INR 22,599

Others  : USD 369

Start Dates (in 2024)

Program Time


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The other important insight was the nature of the Gurukul experience. The benefits of the individual attention from a master were incredible. Even in my deepest sadhana training, I had been one of a large group taught by fellow disciples. Our time with the guru was only in satsang. To have long, searching conversations with someone who was focused on my specific needs and issues was remarkably transformative.

Harriett Nettles, USA


It was very easy to connect with KP, as he had a long professional working history before dedicating himself more fully to a spiritual life. Therefore, it was easy for him to understand my issues in the real world, and he showed great empathy in some of the issues I had been confronting upon coming to see him in India. I would not hesitate to do another retreat with KP, as he really is a great interlocutor for transmitting a message of how to live one's life in a wiser, more meaningful manner!

Jose Fraga, USA / Spain

KP has the gift of being able to communicate complex concepts clearly, which, together with his patience and genuine concern for our well-being left a deep and lasting impression upon us. We have no doubt that anyone spending any time with KP will be enriched by the experience and we have no hesitation in recommending Shrimath Yoga Retreat to anyone seeking to learn yoga from a genuine, authentic teacher.

 Miti & Dr Mehul Shah, UK

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