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Ashram Learning. Home Food. Simple Living.

Shrimath was founded in 2011 by Smrithi Krishna & Krishna Prakash, who, since 1990, continue to practice processes & learn from living traditions, some with 2500+ years history. They both hold Master's degree in Yoga as well.


Till now students from 44 countries, namely, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Croatia, Czechoslovakia ,Denmark, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA & Vietnam, have studied at Shrimath.


Our Story

In early 2011, we felt that time was ripe to offer Yoga & other spiritual aspects of life to learners who preferred small batch sizes with personal attention. Ashrams & Universities too offer authentic content, but their student intake per batch was high. Thus, Shrimath was born in 2011 with a clear vision to offer the experience of learning at a traditional Gurukul where the blend of ashram learning, home food & simple living is possible.

This approach allowed the learners to transform themselves into seekers as they understood that the vagaries of life should not deter them from inching towards the ultimate goal in life i.e. Self-realization.


Another unique feature of Shrimath that help course participants is the possibility to repeat their teacher training course for free, because 'repetition is considered as reinforcement' in Indic Knowledge Systems of which Yoga is an integral part. Thus 2 seats in every batch is reserved for Shrimath alumni.

As founders with roots in living traditions, we know that unless Yoga is taken beyond classrooms, it becomes too theoretical and academic. Thus, we infused concepts like working with rural school, assisting at the farm & kitchen, contributing to the upkeep of the facility as part of the daily schedule.

In 2012, a group of entrepreneurs & professionals pursuing MBA at the Babson College (World's #1 MBA course in Entrepreneurship since 1994) were inspired by our concept - Prosperity beyond Material Wealth and presented that as one of their final year presentations. That team created all our social media handles. It is important to note that Stanford University (No:2) & MIT (No:3) courses on Entrepreneurship are ranked right behind Babson College.

In 2013, Yoga Alliance International recognized the need of teachers, coaches & trainers to know Yoga Nidra. Thus, Shrimath has the privilege of being the first Yoga School in the World to be allowed to offer certification course in Yoga Nidra.

Due to consistent reviews of participants, since 2014 we continue to receive all possible awards from international travel portal TripAdvisor - Certificate of Excellence (since 2014), Hall of Fame (2019) & Travellers' Choice (2020).

The journey continues....


In March 2020, when the pandemic started, we launched the online versions of all our certification courses. Then launched the now popular Enlightened Living program and, in April 2021, Coaching based on Indic Wisdom.

From March 2020 till March 2022, we offered the FREE online program on Building Immunity that reached 1,00,000+ lives.


In April 2022, when the World job and business scenario changed, we shared resources for people to cope up with stress through Traditional Yoga Nidra.

As on 9th March 2023 we launched Foundation of Indic Wisdom through which other aspects of Indic Knowledge Systems can be offered to discerning seekers. We are fortunate to be launched by & at Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira, Belur Math (Howrah), where Swami Vivekananda sowed the seed of Yoga-Vedanta and initiated the renaissance of Indic Wisdom.


The story continues to unfold but we stop here for now... Thank you.


Meet The Team

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