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Since 2013, we have been requesting program participants to record their review or testimonial directly at the international travel site, TripAdvisorFaceBook and Google Business. Some of the reviews that are not on TripAdvisor are published below... We encourage you to interact with our past as well as present course participants before enrolling to study with us.

Hariett Nettles.jpg

Harriett Nettles (USA): The following is a brief review of what I learned in the week long Yoga Nidra training at Shrimath Yoga outside of Bangalore, India and directed by Krishna. The setting was so appropriate for training in deep relaxation. My most important insight was that we can only lead people to states that we have experienced ourselves. Simply reading the script for a session is not enough. One must have the awareness that comes from deep and honest experience. I cannot imagine a better setting for this learning. Surrounded by forest full of birds and a field where sheep and cows quietly grazed, I was able to sink into the peace and stillness in a way that I have never felt in my hectic American lifestyle. Lulled by songs of birds and the gentle sounds of an Indian village, I relaxed into the simple schedule of an ashram lifestyle and found an inner landscape I had rarely known. The other important insight was the nature of the Gurukul experience. The benefits of the individual attention from a master were incredible. Even in my deepest sadhana training, I had been one of a large group taught by fellow disciples. Our time with the guru was only in satsang. To have long, searching conversations with someone who was focused on my specific needs and issues was remarkably transformative.

farina pakulat_edited.jpg

Farina Pakulat (Germany): "I can only recommend Shrimath Yoga to anyone looking for a genuinely inspiring yoga course off the beaten track. I came to Shrimath because I was looking for change in my life. I was specifically searching for a place where true knowledge was passed on to a small circle of people, not for the sake of profit or fame but simply for the joy of sharing. At Shrimath I encountered exactly that. The whole team worked together to create a place with a truly special atmosphere, where it is easy to disconnect and focus only on the experience. The time I spend at Shrimath Yoga was truly eye opening but I especially appreciated the freedom and ease with which the curriculum was adapted to our special needs and interests as a group! This made the course a truly unique experience!"

nushin asgari 1.jpg

Nushin Asgari (Iran / USA): "It is a pleasure for me to write this testimonial on the Shrimath Yoga Retreat! During my stay in Bangalore, I searched to find a yoga teaching training course in the vicinity, Mysore and even Kerala. What I was looking for was a combination of practicing traditional style of doing postures plus the philosophy of living a Yogic life and once I spoke to Krishna …, I knew that I had found the right center for me to learn and deepen my knowledge of Yoga. The center’s location in the middle of beautiful greenery; the homey feeling; the attention that each participant gets during the course; and the teaching at the school village enhances the experience of Yoga postures and philosophy. I personally had a special diet to follow and Smrithi…and Shoba… tried their best to accommodate my needs. Staying and studying at Shrimath have been a great experience and I would recommend this center to everyone!"

Dr Mehul and Miti Shah.jpg

Dr Mehul Shah and Mrs Miti Shah (London, UK): "We met Krishna Prakash (fondly known as 'KP') while on a retreat at Shreyas in 2009, where he was conducting meditation and yoga philosophy sessions. He is a very wise and kind person who has a profound understanding of yoga in its broadest sense. KP has the gift of being able to communicate complex concepts clearly, which, together with his patience and genuine concern for our well-being left a deep and lasting impression upon us. We have no doubt that anyone spending any time with KP will be enriched by the experience and we have no hesitation in recommending Shrimath Yoga Retreat to anyone seeking to learn yoga from a genuine, authentic teacher."

Jose Fraga_edited.jpg

Jose Fraga, Miami(US) / Barcelona (Spain): "KP (Krishna Prakash) has enhanced my yoga practice, bringing forward important questions about how to make the best of our life. Before encountering KP, I had a disciplined yoga practice, mainly enjoying the physical benefits of such asanas. However, my practice was incomplete as the connection between the physical and more spiritual practice had not been made. KP taught me the great value of practicing mantras, and also of a more holistic routine in order to best take advantage of my yoga practice.


It was very easy to connect with KP, as he had a long professional working history before dedicating himself more fully to a spiritual life. Therefore, it was easy for him to understand my issues in the real world, and he showed great empathy in some of the issues I had been confronting upon coming to see him in India. I would not hesitate to do another retreat with KP, as he really is a great interlocutor for transmitting a message of how to live one's life in a wiser, more meaningful manner!"

Dr. Ashok Rijhwani.jpg

Dr. Ashok Rijhwani (Bangalore, India): "My meeting with Krishna was destiny, in my opinion. I felt a complete peace and calm, as he asked me to wait for a few minutes while he was taking class for someone else. He then patiently explained to me about the course and I signed up on the spot. The course covered all aspects of true values in life and work, with asanas and postures were one but an important part of it. I used to look forward to meeting Krishna on weekends along with his family. His retreat in Nelamangala is the most peaceful place one can imagine. His wife Smriti is always cheerful and hospitable and makes the most lovely south indian vegetarian food for the students. Classes at the retreat are like a holiday. Hema, our yoga instructor is perfect when it comes to asanas and is patient but also persistent. Always a smile on her face and she is always encouraging. There is a neighborhood village school where we spent some mornings teaching to a very enthusiastic set of children. I look forward to the time when I can visit Shrimath again and spend time with Krishna, Smriti and Hema."

Sonya Costello.jpg

Sonya Costello (North Carolina, USA):"If you are looking for an authentic experience with an Indian family in a quiet meditative setting, this is it! The serenity of the place is unparalleled. The long periods of pre-scheduled downtime forced me to confront my need for constant activity. The yoga instruction was informative and the home cooked food, amazing! Teaching the village children epitomized what India is all about for me and makes me long to go back. Overall a very rewarding experience and one I have already recommended to friends."

Amy Yeung 2_edited.jpg

Amy Young (Hong Kong):"If I have to put together a list of the most important happenings in my life so far, meeting KP back in 2008 will definitely make it to the top 5. Before that, I had been a very confused, angry person harbouring much discontentment with my life. KP, with his infinite patience, kindness and understanding, changed my perspective on reality and in turn changed my life. Four years down the road, I am still practising what I have learned from him and every day I discover something new, about myself, my life, people and things around me. So, thanks KP, for making me a happier, and hopefully better person! I am looking forward to meeting you & benefitting from your wisdom again soon!!"

Diana Umudova (Russia): I want to thank you all team of Shrimath- Krishna for interesting philosophy, chanting and life lessons, Hema for beautiful yoga classes, Smrithi for very tasty food (now i am addicted to idli and dosa :)). The course is structured in more retreat way - and its good because we had time to enjoy the nature. Also it was great experience to go to rural school- to teach Indian children. I had a great time and i now i am more flexible, balanced and is able to practice and teach yoga others. Thank you again!

John Bate (British Columbia, Canada): "I was living life stuck on stupid. Making every decision based on emotions from the past. Constantly creating a future formed from my previous experiences. I was living a negative pattern of " just more of the same ". There is no quick fix to this problem, there is only a process of things that we have to go through in order to consistently act in a new way. The team at Shrimath Yoga Retreat approach the system of self discovery as an integrated whole. Working both with the limited system of the body and our divine interconnectedness with the cosmos. The knowledge that Krishna processes can allow you to develop a practical personal practise dependant on your level of ability. Allowing the individual to experience and manifest their inherent potential. I have experienced this first hand in my transformational time here. As with all things in life, you get out of it what you put in. I found that the team here will match then exceed any effort or interest you show in learning the system of Yoga. With the small group structure personal hands on teaching is the hallmark of this school. I believe that I am far better person and will be returning to further my studies with Krishna for years to come."

Shelley Olson (California, USA): "Shrimath: An "all inclusive" experience. From learning the basics & digging deep into yoga processes and its origin, to the authentic experiences of rural village life, tasty traditional Indian cuisine, and the genuine people at the retreat- including the instructors, students and guest speakers. Appropriate for beginners to advanced students.

The best part for me was the way the course was tailored to meet my needs as a beginner: answering all my questions and including more detailed lectures on the things that most interested me. Krishna's knowledge is extensive. Thank you for taking extra time to ensure my understanding of course material and for going above and beyond to help me achieve my other goals while visiting India. Hema: Thank you for your patience, understanding and encouragement to be correct in my practices. Your precise lessons will travel home with me and be shared with many! With much gratitude."

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