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self to Self Discovery

self to Self Discovery is a unique weekend concept & practices program based on the ancient, yet ever-relevant Indic Wisdom. This is designed specially for those who are challenged for time but wish to understand and implement the wise nuggets essential to harness and experience abundance in this very life.

Since 2011, 100s of participants from 40+ Countries have undertaken this program in one form or the other at Shrimath.  The participants in the December 2023 program include Executive Director of an Investment Bank, CXO of an Accounting Major, an ICF MCC, a pioneer on Co-working space in India, Architect with an IT major, an ICF ACC, a Furniture Manufacturer etc.,

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Abundance is an auspicious state to be in. Our ancient yet ever relevant 'wisdom' is a treasure house that helps us to experience that.

It’s only those who realize abundance can move from self to Self-discovery, consciously

This retreat is designed for this conscious movement.

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What you learn?

In this 3D 2N residential retreat, we would explore these concepts & relevant practices through experiential learning:

  1. What are valid goals in life & how to achieve them.

  2. Why & how to access the core of our being for sustained abundance.

  3. Values that aid us in the journey from self to Self-discovery

  4. Understanding & working with the 5 sheaths of existence

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Take away(s)

Each of us is unique and thus, it is imperative for us to invest time to design the blueprint that we wish to unfold as our future.

In the past 12+ years participants from 40+ Countries have been able to walk out with their personal blueprint.


We hope, you too would!

I came to Shrimath because I was looking for change in my life. I was specifically searching for a place where true knowledge was passed on to a small circle of people, not for the sake of profit or fame but simply for the joy of sharing.

Farina Pakulat, Germany

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INR 12,699. USD 216 (others)

Program Date & Fee

My meeting with Krishna was destiny, in my opinion. I felt a complete peace and calm, as he asked me to wait for a few minutes while he was taking class for someone else. He then patiently explained to me about the course and I signed up on the spot.

Dr Ashok Rijhwani, India

If I have to put together a list of the most important happenings in my life so far, meeting KP back in 2008 will definitely make it to the top 5. Before that, I had been a very confused, angry person harboring much discontentment with my life. KP, with his infinite patience, kindness and understanding, changed my perspective on reality & in turn changed my life.

Amy Yeung, Hong Kong

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