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Where is Shrimath Yoga?

In India. At Arjunabettahalli, a village in Nelamangala, Bangalore Rural, 36 kms from Bangalore City Centre & 47 kms Bangalore International Airport


How to reach Shrimath Yoga?

From Bangalore International Airport: Mail us your arrival date / time. At the airport gate, Uday (+91 99164 32395) or one of our background verified cabbies would pick you up. On arrival at Shrimath, you can pay INR 1600/- directly to the cabbie. No tips please. 


From Bangalore City: Best way is to take the local trains. Do visit and enter the TRAIN NO. to know the right time of departure. There are could to be delay in departure. OR you could download NTES app from Google Store.


Kindly board the trains preferably at Malleswaram, as its less crowded and has only 2 platforms. To get ticket (INR 10 per person) and board the train from Bangalore city is tedious. The stations that you should be aware of are: Bangalore City, Malleswaram, Yesvantpur, Chikkabanawara, Soldevanahalli and Railway Gollahalli. We would pick you up from Railway Gollahalli.

1) Train No: 56519 / 56515: Bangalore City: 0745 hrs Malleswaram: 0749 hrs Railway Gollahalli 0825 hrs

2) Train No: 56221: Bangalore City: 0920 hrs Malleswaram: 0924 hrs Railway Gollahalli 0958 hrs

3) Train No: 56225: Bangalore City: 1340 hrs Malleswaram: 1344 hrs Railway Gollahalli 1418 hrs

4) Train No: 56227: Bangalore City: 1630 hrs Malleswaram: 1634 hrs Railway Gollahalli 1705 hrs

5) Train No: 56223: Bangalore City: 1820 hrs Malleswaram: 1824 hrs Railway Gollahalli 1854 hrs


From Yeshvantpur to Railway Gollahalli​​

1) Train No: 56278: Yesvantpur: 1530 hrs Railway Gollahalli: 1551 hrs


From Yeshvantpur to Nelamangala

1) Train No: 16515  / 16575 (No service on Saturday): Yesvantpur: 0710 hrs Nelamangala: 0738 hrs

2) Train No: 56215: Yeshvantpur: 1245 hrs Nelamangala 1320 hrs

3) Train No: 22679: Yeshvantpur: 1815 hrs Nelamangala 18:41 hrs

Yeshvantpur is connected to METRO service as well.

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