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1. Executive Summary of the Course!


Yoga is one of the 6 systems in Indian Philosophy. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is its reference manual. Bhagawad Gita is the source text to understand and practice Yogic lifestyle.

At, Shrimath, the students get inputs from the above texts, apart from learning to practise and teach 108 Yogasanas, 6 Pranayama techniques, Yoga Nidra (4 levels), Antar Mouna, Mudra and Kriya from  the Satyananada Yoga tradition.

The regular course is of 21 days but in online it would be spread across 42 days.

An Overview of the 200hrs Course

2. Other aspects of the Course..


From other living traditions, processes such as  Sakshi BhavaMantras etc., are shared to deepen the Meditative experience.


In the online course, right now due to social distancing we have stopped the daily interaction with rural school kids and working with nature at Shrimath farm, obviously cannot happen. To conclude, this course help us in furthering our journey towards self-discovery using the principles, tools and techniques from the ancient ever-relevant system of Yoga.

3. Course Dates



Course Fee  

Online INR 27,000 (Indians) USD 450 (Others)

Residential: INR 69,300 (Ind.) USD 1350 (Others)​

Kindly refer to FAQs for Exclusions

"I want to thank you all team of Shrimath- Krishna for interesting philosophy, chanting and life lessons, Hema for beautiful yoga classes, Smrithi for very tasty food (now i am addicted to idli and dosa :)).  The course is structured in more retreat way - and its good because we had time to enjoy the nature. Also it was great experience to go to rural school- to teach Indian children.


I had a great time and i now i am more flexible, balanced and is able to practice and teach yoga others. Thank you again!"

Diana Umudova, Russia

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