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1. Executive Summary of the Course


At, Shrimath, for the 500 hrs module, we share the knowledge and processes with those who have completed 200 hrs certification and are clear that Yoga is much more than gymnastics. Such students would be introduced to the Chakra level practice of certain standard postures (including the postures of Sun Salutation) prescribed by the age-old living Yoga traditions. 


The introduction to Moon Salutation with Mantras is one of the highlights of the course.

An overview of the 500hrs course

2. Other aspects of the Course..


Non-postural processes include subtler aspects of Pranayama, deeper levels in Mantra practice and Yoga Nidra, introduction to Antar Mouna etc., These are topped up with the daily work with local school kids and the Shrimath farm.

Students would also be introduced to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. This would give a sound understanding of the Yoga System. To internalize the knowledge assimilated, in tradition, the students generally undertake a spiritual trip.

Course Dates & Fees


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"The knowledge that Krishna processes can allow you to develop a practical personal practise dependent on your level of ability. Allowing the individual to experience and manifest their inherent potential. I have experienced this first hand in my transformational time here.


As with all things in life, you get out of it what you put in. I found that the team here will match then exceed any effort or interest you show in learning the system of Yoga.  With the small group structure personal hands on teaching is the hallmark of this school. I believe that I am far better person and will be returning to further my studies with Krishna for years to come."

John Bate, British Columbia, Canada

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