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Advance Certificate Course in
Yoga Nidra

Through this course we aim to position and establish Yoga Nidra beyond mere a tool to help people relax or come out of insomnia or manifest desires but as a robust that serves as the first step to Samadhi.

The participants learn to differentiate and practice Pratyahara, Dharana & Dhyana Yoga Nidra. Knowledge on how Yoga Nidra can not only take the practitioner to Samadhi but also a step to enter the portals of Vedanta.

This course is designed to deepen one's personal practice than a course that aims to prepare teachers of advance Yoga Nidra.

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Since 2022, Shrimath is honoured to offer the Advance Yoga Nidra Course certified by Foundation of Indic Wisdom. This is similar to the initiative taken by Indian Yoga Association to design the curriculum for Foundation, Certificate and Advance Certificate Courses in Yoga.

This course teaches the next levels in Yoga Nidra & Antar Mouna, the 2 key definitive practices that enable the journey towards the objective of Yoga i.e., Samadhi


Online: 36 days + 18 days online practice post course completion. Total: 72 hours

Shrimath's Unique Approach

Course participants get FREE entry in the subsequent online batches of the Advance Course in Yoga Nidra.

Course Fee 

Online: INR 24,369 (Indians) USD 369 (others)

Certification Fee

  1. Foundation for Indic Wisdom has waived off the certification fee till March 2026​

  2. This course can be studied under YACEP of Yoga Alliance (US) for 50 Credits

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