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Advance Certificate in Yoga
How to choose a Yoga School?

Aim of Certification
The aim is to create Yoga professionals with common standards with respect to knowledge of Yoga as a system irrespective of which institute they are certified from. 

How will it benefit you?

  1. The syllabus is standardised by Government of India supported Indian Yoga Association (IYA)

  2. IYA verifies the background of each school & its teachers

  3. Internationally accepted Yoga courses

  4. Advance Certificate in Yoga has in it the regular 200 & 500 hrs courses. Students are eligible for those certificates also.

  5. After the completion of course, practice sessions for Yoga processes would continue online for 90 days

15Aug2016 photo7.JPG

Duration & Course Dates (TBA)

Online: 135 days

Residential: 72 days


Course Fee 

Online: INR 90,000 (Indians) USD 1620 (others)

Residential: INR 1,80,000 (Ind.) USD 3600 (others)

Certification Fee

IYA: INR 1500 (Ind.) $50 (for others)

Yoga Alliance International & WYF: INR 5000

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