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Advance Certificate Course in Yoga

Yoga is one of the six Indian philosophical systems. In the last century, out of the 8 limbs of Yoga, the 2 limbs Asanas (postures) & Pranayama (life force regulation) became popular. At Shrimath, we have drafted principles & practices from Yoga, Tantra & Veda to help our course participants experience (the benefits of) the other limbs as well.

This course are approved by Government of India supported Indian Yoga Association (IYA). World Yoga Federation (WYF) & Yoga Alliance International (YAI) recognize this course towards 500 hrs Certification & portions of it is eligible for YACEP from Yoga Alliance (US)

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This course includes the standard 500hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course. The IYA syllabus: Advance Certificate Course in Yoga - Indian Yoga Association (

Over and above the prescribed syllabus, at Shrimath, the complete Pawanamuktasana series (34 postures), 45 other postures, 6 Pranayama techniques, 6 levels of Yoga Nidra, 3 levels of Antar Mouna, inputs from Tantra & Veda, principles of Ayurceda & basics of Vedic Astrology are part of the course.


Residential: 54 days

Start Date (in 2024)

(a) 27th March (for freshers to Yoga studies)

(b) 9th April (for non-Shrimath CCY / 200 hours students)

(c) 22nd April (for Shrimath CCY alumni)

Course Fee 


(a) INR 1,62,369 (Indians) USD 2979 (others)​

(b) INR 1,26,738 (Indian) USD 2169 (others)

(c) INR 81,369 (Indians) USD 1449 (others)

Certification Fees

  1. Indian Yoga Association (including taxes): INR 1800 (Indians) & USD 60 (others)

  2. Yoga Alliance International / World Yoga Federation: INR 5000 (for all)

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