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Certificate in Yoga Nidra

John Hopkins University continues to research & discoveries on Sleep & its effect on our psychophysical energy system. Neuroscientist & Sleep expert Mark Wu states that circadian rhythm & sleep drive are the two main processes that regulate sleep.

The World Sleep Foundation is preparing professionals through internships now so that the future gets Sleep Professionals across the Globe.

Traditional Yoga Nidra is offered by Shrimath, the first Yoga School in the World to be granted the permission in 2013 to conduct Certification Course in Yoga Nidra by Yoga Alliance International. Since 2022, Shrimath follows the syllabus set by Indic Foundation to offer Advance Certificate in Yoga Nidra.

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Krishna Prakash, Founder of Shrimath Yoga, delivered a virtual World Record setting session on Yoga Nidra (18th June 2023) to celebrate 10 years of Yoga Nidra Teacher Training offered by Shrimath. This course is not only ideal for those who wish to take up Yoga Nidra teaching as a profession but for those who wish to deal with stress and become clear about priorities & goals in life.

The course teaches 72 Asanas, 6 Pranayama techniques, 6 Mudras, 4 levels of Yoga Nidra, Introduction to Antar Mouna, Mantra Meditation, Anatomy & Physiology, 2 Yogic Kriyas and necessary inputs from Science, Veda, Tantra & Yoga Philosophy



14 days (residential) followed by 21 days online practice.

27 days (online) + 18 days online practice post course completion. Total: 72 hours

Shrimath's Unique Approach

Both residential & online course participants get FREE entry into the subsequent online batches of the Yoga Nidra Course.


Course Fees

Online: INR 18,000 (Indians) USD 360 (others)

Residential: INR 42,000 (Ind.) USD 840 (others)

Start Dates (in 2023)

Online: October 24 (Vijayadasami): Special 27day program for non-Yoga teachers

Certification Fees

  • Yoga Alliance International (YAI): INR 3000

A day at Shrimath...
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