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  • Authentic, ​wholesome, seasonal Indian vegetarian food made with home ground spices

  • All 3 meals of the day are well balanced, guided by Ayurvedic diet principles

  • Indian milk tea, herbal tea and fruits are during the day

  • Alcohol, non-vegetarian food and smoking are neither allowed nor served

  • Mouna (silence) during meal times is observed



  • Spice levels can be assessed and adjusted after a couple of meals

  • We accommodate vegans & gluten-free diets

  • Kindly do not bring any eatables, be it chocolates, biscuits, nuts, dry fruits etc.

  • The vegetables & fruits used in the Shrimath kitchen are procured directly from the Farmers' Market, our way of supporting the local produce & contributing to the rural economy​

  • Herbal teas are prepared with ingredients that are grown at Shrimath farms

  • We also grow varieties of lettuce and spinach, plantain (banana), brinjal, jack fruit, guava, passion fruit etc. 


  • Location of room is done on first-come-first-serve basis. If there are less participants in the course then one may get a private room

  • Each student would get to live in all the rooms during their stay

  • Picnic activity is neither allowed nor encouraged

  • You are encouraged to spend more time in silence

  • No access to TV, Newspaper etc., during the stay

  • You would do your personal laundry, by hand. Kindly bring necessary detergent cake or powder. No washing machines available

  • Shrimath would provide necessary tools and cleaning agents to do housekeeping and wash of bedspreads, pillow covers etc

  • Kindly bring your toiletries (tooth brush, paste, hand/bath towels, bathing bar/soap, shampoo, detergent, lotions, creams, napkins etc.,) for personal use

  • Kindly ensure that you have enough stock of prescribed medicines, if any. If you are in need of any periodic medical attention then we request you not to opt to study a course, till your health condition improves. As the routine is very rigorous, it would be difficult to cope with, if health issues are there. Moreover, we do not have any resident medical doctor

  • Any sort of disposable napkins, tissue papers, sanitary pads/napkins/ tampons etc., need to be disposed appropriately, if used during your stay. Ask us!



  • Unless emergency, usage of mobile phone for calls or texting should be kept at minimum

  • Internet is available only for essential purposes like mails (as per agenda). As we are in a rural setting, the internet may be patchy at times. So if you are a compulsive internet user then do think twice before enrolling to study at Shrimath. At the same time, if it is a emergency or you need to plan your travel, we would be happy to help you.

  • Daily usage of Social Media is discouraged

  • In case of emergency, whoever wishes to contact you can call Shrimath @ +91 9739 020102

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