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Coaching & Indic Wisdom

Integrating timeless Indic principles with contemporary coaching enhancing both achievement and fulfillment. Key teachings such as Active Listening (Shravana), the Art of Questioning (Pari-prashana), and maintaining Awareness (Sakshi) for deepening coaching conversations and relationships.


Embracing non-covetousness (Aparigraha) ensures adaptability. True compassion through Empathy (Karuna) fosters trust and self-discovery. The transition from Desire (Iccha) to Knowledge (Jnana) to Action (Kriya) facilitates real change, revolutionizing coaching practices.

This is the first program in the World that integrates Coaching Competencies with Indic Wisdom.

Covers 20 CCE for Coaches credentialed with ICF (International Coaching Federation). Yet offered at 60% of the investment required for similar CCEs.

Participants get the opportunity to join the daily (live) 27 minutes of Indic Practices for life.




Coaching Beyond Professionals:

We don't need to be a Certified Coach to benefit from this powerful approach. Improvement in communication, with ourselves and others, help to navigate conflicts, and build stronger relationships through everyday interactions.

The Art of Listening:

We delve deeper than just hearing words. Create a safe space for deeper conversations & fostering trust. Discover Shravana.

The Power of Questions:

Just like a trusted compass, asking the right questions is key to unlocking the truth - not only ours but also our clients / peers / family. Discover Pari-prashana.

Presence Matters:

Everyone can be available but we should be able to maintain our presence in the crowd or be completely comfortable when no one is around.

Situational Awareness:

It is easy to be aware when the situations are under control but the reality is that situations & people are dynamic. Discover Sakshi.


Right from building immunity & resilience, it is important to be in a community that believes in the values: learning, growth & prosperity.

Online (10 Sundays): 7th July 2024 6 to 8pm IST

Residential (3 full days): 30th Aug to 1st Sep 2024

Investment (O or R)

INR 27,000 + GST (Indians) USD 459 (Others)

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