Shrimath means auspicious, revered and prosperous. Shri, the root word means illumination, completeness and radiance. Shrimath Yoga has been conceived to be a melting pot of 'ashram learning, home food and retreat living.'

Shrimath Yoga is one of the first Yoga Alliance International (New Delhi, India) accredited Yoga school in south of India. Internationally recognized 200hrs, 500hrs & Yoga Nidra certification programs as well as an exclusive program for women, Shakti Yoga, are offered.

Program participants with roots in varied countries like Poland, Latvia, Australia, Chile, Columbia, Canada, South Africa, Singapore, USA, UK, Greece, Ireland, India, Spain, Korea, Indonesia, Russia, Iran, Germany, Serbia, Cambodia, Qatar, Hong Kong, France etc., have been steadily opting Shrimath to further their knowledge and studies on Yoga.

The international recognition was given by a team from Babson College (ranked #1 for Entrepreneurship by US News & World Report 2012 "America's Best Colleges" for the 15th consecutive time in 2012), as they did the 'Social Media Strategy' for Shrimath Yoga in 2012.

Pushing the frontiers of learning...
(a) Shrimath Yoga offers Certification programs on Yoga Nidra, the first Yoga School in the World to offer this program with approval and support of Yoga Alliance International (New Delhi, India). (b) Expats as well as professionals from Columbia Asia Hospitals, Target Corporation, SAP labs etc., have been benefiting from the Yoga Weekend programs that allow them to learn the holistic system of Yoga at their own pace.

Thus Shrimath Yoga, true to its roots, strives to share the principles and practices of the ancient Yoga tradition through various relevant programs that enable participants to experience the sense of completeness in their lives.


Morning Yoga Series


Asparagus Soup

Intake of right food is an easy way to achieve balance in our lives...

  • "The Yoga teacher training course at Shrimath Yoga Retreat helped me a lot in understanding Yoga and spirituality at a deeper level. Really loved the experience. The emphasis is on Yoga as a system to develop oneself physically, emotionally and spiritually unlike just a physical level approach to Yoga. I wish Shrimath Yoga all the best in it's mission of spreading the essence of Yoga."
    TK Karunakaran, Bangalore, India

  • "I came to Shrimath fairly early into my eight month trip in India and Nepal. The experience of learning was trans-formative in many ways. Krishna has wealth of knowledge in Yoga theory from a traditional Indian perspective. He can transfer this knowledge in a way westerns can learn and benefit from. Going to Shrimath was the best decision I made in a long time."
    Elizabeth Hardwick, Canada

  • "Thank you for a such a personalized experience. My journey is long and personal and the spiritual guidance and enlightenment I received was like a cradle of love. Best wishes of spirit and love."
    Sincerely, Sue Melnyk, Canada
  • "I was living life stuck on stupid. Making every decision based on emotions from the past. Constantly creating a future formed from my previous experiences. I was living a negative pattern of " just more of the same..."
    John Bate, British Columbia, Canada